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Introducing Orange Crypto: Bitcoin meets DeFi and Web3

What happens when Bitcoin meets DeFi and web3?

Imagine a suite of DeFi-related products built on top of Bitcoin. A wallet that is equiped with Ordinals support, onramps, swapping features, and so much more. All tied together into an orange package.

Have you taken the Orange pill yet? 

Introducing Orange Crypto: Bitcoin meets DeFi and Web3

Orange Crypto is a decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem of products to help you access and manage your Bitcoin, BRC20, Stacks, and Ordinals NFTs.
At the center of it all stands the $ORNJ token, which at the time of writing this article sits at a $10M mcap.

Product and features: a closer look at the Orange Wallet

Let’s dive into the various products that Orange is building:

Orange Crypto Wallet

Orange wallet

Orange Wallet, similar to Metamask, is a browser extension. The Orange wallet allows you to access and manage your Bitcoin, BRC20, Stacks, and Ordinals NFTs.

Orange assistant (AI)

Feeling too overwhelmed to properly manage everything? You’re in luck. The Orange Wallet comes equipped with the Orange Assistant; an artificial intelligence agent that swiftly provides you with information and insights regarding the entire crypto industry. How cool is that?

Look at this wallet as your single gateway to access the Bitcoin blockchain without having to go through a third party. Fully non-custodial! Which means no shady companies having access to your private key or your precious Bitcorns.

Orange Swap

Use the Orange wallet to store multifarious protocols such as BRC20, Ordinals, Stacks, and the native Bitcoin protocol. However, you can do more than storing assets! Swap and do all kinds of DeFi-related actions. All without having to leave your wallet or connect it to obscure websites!

Behind the scenes: who are the backers and the builders

Orange Crypto is being spearheaded by Damon Nam (CEO) and Dmitri Golovchenko (CTO).

Orange Crypto team

Damon is a tech executive and entrepreneur who has been advising and building in crypto for 7 years.

Damon has had a 17-year long career at Microsoft, fulfilling various roles.  Most notable, his last role Microsoft made him responsible for driving and managing the Preferred Services Partner program for the US Microsoft subsidiary; a program with approximately seventy-five partner organizations and a total book of business of over $90 million in revenue.

Dmitriy Golovchenko has 7+ years of engineering experience in front and back-end development. He’s worked in a wide range of fields, such as finance, blockchain, non-profit, medical, and more. Perfect fit as a CTO.

Backers and investors include some of the leading VCs in web3

orange crypto backers

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