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How Obscuro solves the front-running problem of public blockchains

Cybernews investigated how much value was lost by network participants due to front running. Between April 24th and May 24th, they found that front-running resulted in losses of nearly $280 million in cryptocurrency.

That’s pretty huge. That’s nearly $12M per day and billions of value lost per year. Obscuro is an upcoming layer 2 network with network-wide privacy, which mitigates the risk of front-running.

Let’s dive into how they achieve this!

Obscuro - Layer 2 network for confidential smart contracts

Let’s get right into it. So, you want to know; what is Obscuro?
Obscuro is a Layer 2 network whose main goal is to bring back privacy to Ethreum. As an EVM Layer 2, they are able to take advantage of Ethereum’s security while allowing for cheaper and faster transactions.
What sets Obscuro apart from other blockchain networks?
Obscuro’s main differentiator is their network-wide privacy. Users are able to enjoy full privacy throughout the whole network, as it is integrated with every smart contract.
Since Obscuro is EVM compatible, developers can easily add privacy to their existing Dapps and smart contracts using Obscuro –  without having to make any changes.

Front-running and how Obscuro tackles it

Front-running on the Ethereum network can cost network participants up to billions of dollars annualy.

In blockchains, all transactions – whether they are completed or still pending – are publicly visible.

Those with the know-how and funds to take advantage of that, will surely do so. And that is where front-running comes into play.

Miners and staker hunt for incoming transactions that are locked into a smart contract while waiting for the transaction to confirm.

For example: a swap on a DEX where a user buys coin ETH with USDT.

The front-runner can see that pending transaction -> then quickly buys ETH and sells it for a higher price to the user.

What allows him to do this, is that he sets a significantly higher gas fee than the normal user. This way his transaction gets processed faster and he is able to steal some value from the user.

Some swaps can cost users way more than they needed to or intended to pay. All due to front-running.

What are some other use cases for smart contract integrated privacy?

Some of the other interesting things that are made possible by network-wide privacy are seald acutions, private NFTs, Private agreements, dark pools, and many more.

Obscure privacy use case

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