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What is PRIMAL?

PRIMAL is an upcoming protocol that combines move-to-earn with fan-tokens. Allowing fans to get close to their favorite athletes, and empowering athletes at the same time. Let’s have a look at what PRIMAL is building, and what they hope to achieve.

What is PRIMAL?

PRIMAL combines move-to-earn elements with the concept of fan tokens, the ultimate goal being the tokenization of fan-athlete engagement. Why? Because even though sports is a $300B industry, the bond between fans and athletes is mostly owned by a handful of large corporations.

How to get involved with PRIMAL?

At time of writing (end of october 2022) the $PRML token has not been listed yet. The next best way to get involved and stay up to date with PRIMAL is the following:

  • PRIMAL is the first Steplaunch project. Which means that $FITFI stakers get access to the PRIMAL public sale. That is one currently confirmed way to get access.
  • Become a referral partner. Just referring 3 friends will guarantee you early access to the PRIMAL app. There are cash rewards for referring more people. Find out more here:
  • Sign up for the email list via this link 
  • Follow PRIMAL’s Telegram announcement channel:  

What sets PRIMAL apart from other move-to-earn projects?

PRIMAL doesn’t only focus on M2E, but it also aims to combine this concept with Chiliz-style fan tokens. So while they do empower you to earn tokens by working out, there’s an even bigger focus on fan-athlete engagement and empowering athletes to build their own Inner circle.

Let’s take a closed look at this ‘Inner Circle’ concept. Basically, it allows an athlete to build their own private network of fans. It’s a similar concept to Patreon. Fans use $PRML tokens to get access to the Inner Circle of an athlete.

Inner Circles have different tiers which each grant access to different exclusive benefits. Inner Circles are designed to create a situation wherein fans get unparalleled private access to their favorite athlete, and athletes are able to create additional revenue streams. As PRIMAL has ecommerce features built in, athletes are able to sell exclusive merchandise or NFTs.

Earning with PRIMAL, how does it work?

PRIMAL features a database of workouts that you can follow. Users are able to earn tokens by working out. PRIMAL has integrated most fitness tracking devices like the apple watch, but users that do not have access to those can also just use the app on their smartphone.

Which Athletes have joined PRIMAL?

According to PRIMAL, they have onboarded over 250 athletes onto their platform, and that’s before it has even formally launched! They are elite athletes from the UFC, and other sports organizations or fighting federations. Here is a video of their most recently announced ambassador:

You can find more ambassadors via this link

Tokenomics and token utility

The PRIMAL ecosystem consists of two separate tokens. Namely $PRIMAL and $ENRGY. Both have their own use case within the ecosystem.

$PRIMAL is the governance token, and is used for trading, staking, locks, buybacks and burns. The $PRIMAL governance token benefits from all the fees generated within the PRIMAL ecosystem. If the platform grows and attracts a large user base, then that will directly reflect in the $PRIMAL token.

$ENERGY can be described as the reward token within the ecosystem. It is used to level up your NFT fighter, and is rewarded to users for their activity within the app.

To give some concrete examples of the use cases:

$PRIMAL governance token use cases:

  • $PRIMAL can be spent on:
    • Athlete Inner Circle subscriptions
    • Digital and Physical good from athletes and brands within the app
  • $PRIMAL can be staked to:
    • Get discount on NFT trading fees
    • Activate earnings on FIGHTER NFTs
    • Earn limited edition FIGHTER NFTs
  • $PRIMAL can be burned to:
    • Increase $ENRGY earning cap
    • Mint limited edition FIGHTER NFT
    • Level up FIGHTER NFT

$ENRGY rewards token use cases:

  • Rewarded to users for working out (move-to-earn)
  • Burn $ENRGY to heal FIGHTER NFT wounds
  • Burn & mint to level up your FIGHTER NFT
  • Burn to earn exclusive benefits within the app and IRL

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