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DAO Maker: Venture Capital re-imagined for the masses

DAO Maker is one of the most well-known IGO/IDO launchpads in the crypto space. They launched in early 2021 and have got a strong track record of launching various high profile projects. Returning its investors very attractive ROI’s, though results may very per project type. Let’s take a close look at the DAO Maker launchpads and its trackrecord.

What is DAO Maker?

As mentioned in the intro, DAO Maker is a crypto launchpad that rises above its peers. Not only through their trackrecord of projects, but through its innovative fundraising methodes and the fact that they are a sustainable business that isable to sustain themselves.

Ticker: $DAO
Name: DAO Maker

Price at time of writing this article: $1.25
ATH price at time of writing this article: $8,71
Market cap at current price: $120M

45M $DAO tokens, almost half of the supply, is staked on the launchpad platform. Thus minimizing sell pressure.

Executive team

Reading through the “team” section of the whitepaper shows that the executive team behind DAO Maker had the needed experience and knowledge to run this operation.

CEO: Chris Zankun
Supported $100M in ICO funding prior to DAO Maker

CTO: Giorgio Marciano
Giorgio has 15 years of technology development experience, led development at Sky Italy interface (used by millions) and coordinated technology development of an EU-funded €15M multi-national project

COO: Malte Christensen
Malte has a $10.5M+ sales track record and previously was a business development professional at Bertelsmann, Manpower, and Canon

CMO: Hassan Sheikh
Hassan has facilitated 65M+ in ICO funding before DAO Maker

DAO Maker fundraising types

DAO maker has various fundraising models. The DYCO and SHO are two that they developed themselves. Let’s have a look at what they are:

1) SHO – Strong holder offering
2) DYCO – Dynamic Coin Offering

1. Strong holder offerings (SHO)

SHO is a mechanism where eligible investors are chosen based on their on-chain activities and other data sets. 


  • Holding a specific token for x amount of time
  • Being a liquidity provider
  • Certain monthly trading volume
  • How long you hold tokens
DAO Maker incentivizes investors with strong hands by choosing them as participants of an SHO while also offering them protection. Protection? Yea! They provide the option of a refund UNLESS a project holds at 400% over the fundraising price for 120 days.

2. Dynamic Coin Offering (DYCO)

Dynamic coin offerings employ utility tokens that are backed by USD for the first 16 months of their lifespan in order to promote accountability from project developers.

If a project is not able to deliver a viable product, DYCO investors reserve the ability to return their tokens and get their investment back. The projects’ tokens are burned.This gives protection against downwards price movement,which makes this very unique and usefull feature.

How to participate in DAO Maker fundraisings

There is a simple tier system based where you earn DAO power base on the number of tokens in your wallet. You can also provide liquidity to earn 1.5x the DAO power daily. You can view the different tiers below. Staking your $DAO tokens in the DAO Maker dashboard places you in the corresponding tier and gives you acces to IDOs and IGOs on the launchpad.

Dao Maker tiers

Dao Maker roadmap

The next step for Dao Maker is the ability to invest into Equity, and not just tokens. They are also working on their premiere NFT launchpad. At Market Relfections, we’ve been getting more and more into NFT’s so this is a cool development.

DAO Maker roadmap

Performance of previous DAO Maker projects

I know what you’re thinking, everything so far sounds good, but how well did past projects perform? Well, they’ve launched some top tier projects that became very well-known in the crypto space. estimates the average ATH ROI of DAO Maker projects to be about a 43x. That’s pretty good! Let’s have a look at some of the previous projects that way outperformed in terms of ATH ROI:

  • GameFi, $GAFI: 366x
  • My Neighbour Alice, $ALICE: 298x
  • Orion Protocol, $ORN: 292x
  • Victoria VR, $VR: 212x
  • StepApp, $FITFI: 148x 

They’ve done loads of other projects with good fundamentals as well, here are a few more:

  • Gamestarter, $GAME
  • Dark Frontiers, $DARK
  • Polygonum, $POG
  • XANA Metaverse, $XANA

Is DAO Maker a good investment?

Don’t ask us, we’re not financial advisors :). Jokes aside, there is a clear bull case to be made for DAO Maker:

  • Dao Maker is a self-sufficient, revenue-generating business with the different services they offer to partner projects. That means they do not have to sell their own tokens (dump on holders) to generate development or marketing funds.
  • Highly experienced executive team
  • Very good average performance of previous launches
  • Large percentage of the supply staked
  • Proprietary fundraising methods (DYCO, SHO)
  • Users have to maintain their tier to receive future SHO unlocks

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